Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Homework Project

Last week I picked Norah up from daycare, and not only did her teacher have a big bag of dirty diapers for me to launder, but she also handed me a poster board sized turkey. Yikes! Naturally, the first thing I did was run to pinterest. I found a good amount of crafts, but man, this turkey was BIG!

The project: Decorate Tom Turkey using household items like glitter, crayons, paint, macaroni, etc.

The supplies: feathers, googly eyes, (both purchased at Michaels), beans (purchased at supermarket - interestingly enough, dry beans are not found in the aisle labeled "beans", but in the aisle with the rice. Weird.)

The process: glue various items onto turkey and hope for the best

Finished Product:

Not a bad turkey, huh? Guess this is the just the first in a long stream of projects that mom and dad will be rushing to finish the night before it's due!

While I toiled away with the glue, Norah happily contributed by eating her socks.

    Beans: $1.49 per bag. I purchased WAY too many beans. Three bags would have been sufficient. If you want to do all one color, you'll probably only need one bag.
    Feathers: $1.99 per bag. I wanted a variety of colors so I purchased a four bags in total.
    Googly Eyes: I already had these on hand from a project I did at Halloween. I think they may have been $3.99 for a pack of 50 eyes.
    Total Cost: $12.43
    Total Time: about 2 hours

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