Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milestone Alert: 12 months

Well, we did it! Our baby survived an entire year without us royally screwing her up! Time to celebrate! Let's have some cake.

This month, we took Norah for professional pictures instead of taking one on our living room chair. They turned out really well and of course they suckered us into the ultra deluxe package.

Here are some more shots from the session:

 As far as Norah's schedule goes, it hasn't really changed too much.

Breakfast at 7:30 am 
4 ounces whole milk
Whole wheat pancakes or french toast
fruit (ex. cut up bananas)

Nap for about a half hour around 9:30 am
4 ounces milk when she wakes up
small snack like yogurt or crackers

Lunch at 12:30 pm
4 ounces whole milk
1 package of Gerber Graduates toddler food (Example: Gerber Graduates, Mac & Cheese with Chicken & Vegetables )
a vegetable or fruit (whatever daycare is serving that day - the last few days it's been corn or green beans)

Nap around 2 pm (sometimes this one doesn't happen and she sleeps for about 20 minutes when we get home from daycare)
4 ounces whole milk when she wakes up
another snack like the one above

Dinner at 6 pm
4 ounces formula
Whatever we are eating for dinner cut up into small pieces (Example: Last night we had tortellini and meatballs so I just cut them up and let her eat while we ate)
Fruit Yogurt melts

Sleep at 7:30 pm

As you can see, we've cut out formula for good. YAY! We've also made the switch to straw cups instead of bottles. DOUBLE YAY!

Happy Birthday, Norah!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Party Invites - Under the Sea

Now that everyone has safely received their invitation, I thought I'd share it with the world.

So how did I put this monster together? Well, each one took about an hour start to finish. First, I traced and cut out the octopus pattern. After all the octopi were cut, I glued one on top of the other in reverse. This creates the eight legged look.

I ordered the card stock from Cards and Pockets because I couldn't find anything that inexpensive in my local stores. Since it's two pieces, I had to mount the blue card onto the pink one. Before I did that, I printed directly onto the blue card using my home printer.

Of course, I did not have any good fonts on my computer so I did a quick internet search for "free sailing fonts" and found these.

Once the cards were printed and glued together, I attached an octopus to each. Then I went back and attached googly eyes for a fun effect. At that point, it felt like it was still missing something. I stared at it and wondered what I could do to punch it up. Then I remembered I had a bag of foam board sea creatures that I purchased from A.C. Moore. The pack came with these little starfish that were just perfect for a bow on the octopus' head.

While everything was drying, I addressed the envelopes and then stuffed them.

NOTE: If you make this invitation for yourself, take it to the post office. The foam board I used made the invitation too thick to be processed as regular mail and needed extra postage. ($0.66 if you're wondering!)

Stay tuned next week as I leak some other ideas I have for Norah's birthday bash!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap - 3.4.13

This weekend was pretty low key for Norah. We spent Saturday getting haircuts and buying all sorts of yummy baby food.

For most of Sunday morning, Norah was either playing or zooming around with her (not so) new walker that a friend lent us. She really loves walking with that thing, but she gets total jelly legs when we try to hold her hands and stand her up. She has the strength, she's just a total chicken!

Sunday afternoon was a girl's day for me, so Norah spent some time with Dad and her grandparents.

Food wise, Norah was not much of an eater this weekend. She didn't finish her breakfast either day, and she downright refused to eat her carrots at snack time. Since her first birthday is fast approaching, we're starting to wean her off of formula and on to milk. The whole weekend she did half milk, half formula and she drank it out of straw cups! This is some real progress. Soon we'll be done with formula and bottles! YAY!!!!!!!

Have a great week, everyone!