Thursday, November 15, 2012

About that Cloth Diaper...

Some people seem to be very afraid of cloth diapers. As someone who knew next to nothing about cloth diapering before I started, I was a little afraid too. Once I started doing it, I really got into the swing of things, and now it's like second nature. For all you beginners out there, I thought I'd run through a list of questions that I got most often when I told someone I decided to use cloth.

  • Won't they smell up the house?
    • Nope! Well, not any more than those stinky pails full of disposable diapers that get emptied once a week.
  • Gosh, you must do laundry all the time.
    • Even if I didn't use cloth, I'd be doing laundry all the time. Especially for the first three months. Man, can those little ones do a number on an outfit with some spit up!
  • Isn't that A LOT of money for just a diaper?
    • This one kind of cracks me up. Yes, it is a large cost in the beginning, but after that initial buy, you never have to buy diapers again! See this post for more details on cost.
  • What about the...."solid stuff"?
    • Initially you don't even have to rinse diapers when all your baby gets is formula or breast milk. (For the record: I rinsed them anyway, because it kind of grossed me out to put a stinky diaper straight into the washer.) When they start on solids, they make these cool things called diaper rinsers. You rinse the diaper off right into the toilet and then flush the gross stuff away.
  • What about when you're on the go?
    • I pack them in a diaper bag, just like disposables. The only extra thing I need to bring is a bag to store them in once they're soiled. I find PlanetWise ones work really well for this. The bag holds in odor and moisture, so you don't end up with a car full of stink.
So, those are the most common questions I get. Any of you reading this use cloth diapers? I'd love to hear the answers to your most frequently asked questions.For more information on how to get started cloth diapering, click here.

And just look how darn cute they are! (sorry for the awful quality - taken from my phone)

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