Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reclaiming Your Exercise Routine With a Toddler in Tow

This week, I've been trying to reclaim my running routine. As anyone who exercises knows, motivation is key to getting in a workout. Having a toddler to take care of is often my motivation for NOT exercising. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I'm trying new ways to spend time with her, and exercise at the same time. So far, it's gone better than expected.

In order to get my priorities back in order, I had to start with my head instead of my body. Yeah, it's hard to take care of a baby and work out, but then I started thinking about the future. I owe it to Norah to exercise. Exercising leads to a healthier me. A healthier me means I will live longer and be able to be there for her.

Then she starts screaming and all those flowery thoughts go out the window. She gets upset when I'm out of the room or if I put her in a playpen, so using the treadmill is out. She can't stand it when I'm in the room but not paying attention to her, so even using hand weights or bands is hard.

Now that the daylight is lasting longer, I've found that the only thing I can do with this little bugger is take her out with me on a jog. The first thing we do when we get home is have play time. That seems to satiate her need for "mommy time". After about fifteen minutes, I strap her into the stroller and we're off. Usually she has a terrible time in the stroller because she hates being strapped in, but the faster movement must be soothing to her because she tends to doze off. Once that happens, I can really focus on the run.

Sure, it may be hard to get in a work out EVERY day, but right now I'm settling on three times a week. Norah is a bad napper, so this new technique works for both of us. She gets her cranks out, and I get my exercise on.

Any other tips on how to get a workout in would be appreciated!

In case anyone is interested, to get back into running, I'm using the Couch to 5k plan. I'm also planning on running this at the end of the summer so that I have some sort of goal to work towards!

September 22 - Run the Cape May Vineyard!

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  1. It is hard exercising with little ones, but I agree that stroller running is one of the best options. I promise she will get used to it the more you do, and it is such a good workout for you! I like to pull out snacks and "special" toys that they only get when we are running. As she gets older you can play games and sing songs, which is what I do with my toddler now. And good for you, keep it up! :)