Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap - 3.4.13

This weekend was pretty low key for Norah. We spent Saturday getting haircuts and buying all sorts of yummy baby food.

For most of Sunday morning, Norah was either playing or zooming around with her (not so) new walker that a friend lent us. She really loves walking with that thing, but she gets total jelly legs when we try to hold her hands and stand her up. She has the strength, she's just a total chicken!

Sunday afternoon was a girl's day for me, so Norah spent some time with Dad and her grandparents.

Food wise, Norah was not much of an eater this weekend. She didn't finish her breakfast either day, and she downright refused to eat her carrots at snack time. Since her first birthday is fast approaching, we're starting to wean her off of formula and on to milk. The whole weekend she did half milk, half formula and she drank it out of straw cups! This is some real progress. Soon we'll be done with formula and bottles! YAY!!!!!!!

Have a great week, everyone!

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