Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Party Invites - Under the Sea

Now that everyone has safely received their invitation, I thought I'd share it with the world.

So how did I put this monster together? Well, each one took about an hour start to finish. First, I traced and cut out the octopus pattern. After all the octopi were cut, I glued one on top of the other in reverse. This creates the eight legged look.

I ordered the card stock from Cards and Pockets because I couldn't find anything that inexpensive in my local stores. Since it's two pieces, I had to mount the blue card onto the pink one. Before I did that, I printed directly onto the blue card using my home printer.

Of course, I did not have any good fonts on my computer so I did a quick internet search for "free sailing fonts" and found these.

Once the cards were printed and glued together, I attached an octopus to each. Then I went back and attached googly eyes for a fun effect. At that point, it felt like it was still missing something. I stared at it and wondered what I could do to punch it up. Then I remembered I had a bag of foam board sea creatures that I purchased from A.C. Moore. The pack came with these little starfish that were just perfect for a bow on the octopus' head.

While everything was drying, I addressed the envelopes and then stuffed them.

NOTE: If you make this invitation for yourself, take it to the post office. The foam board I used made the invitation too thick to be processed as regular mail and needed extra postage. ($0.66 if you're wondering!)

Stay tuned next week as I leak some other ideas I have for Norah's birthday bash!

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