Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Book of the Week - Good Night New Jersey

This week we're reading something Jim picked out for Norah while we were in New Hampshire for a friend's wedding. Of all places to find a book about New Jersey!

If you've read Good Night Moon, you'll find the concept of this book familiar. Instead of saying good night to the room, the red balloon and the cow jumping over the moon, you find New Jersey-isms in their places. Some are familiar, like Lucy the Elephant, Monopoly, and even a reference to the Boss. There are also references to things I didn't know existed in New Jersey, like the Lakota Wolf Preserve. If this book stays in rotation, we just may end up taking a trip there so we can bring it to life!

Happy reading!

Book Info
Title: Good Night New Jersey
Author: Adam Gamble
Illustrator: Joe Veno
Pages: 20

If you're interested in purchasing this book, or one in the series, click on over to Amazon.

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